[Edu-sig] A Quick Puzzle

Jaime E. Villate villate at gnu.org
Thu Mar 9 18:18:02 CET 2006

On Tue, 2006-03-07 at 21:15 -0800, Scott David Daniels wrote:

> I called my father up within an hour of when he was twice as old as I.
> I was expecting a real "you are such a dweeb" conversation, but he wound
> up talking a lot about what it felt like when I was born.  It was such a
> wonderful surprise; a great conversation for both of us.

If my father, my son and I survive 4 more years, I will call
my son someday to tell him that in that exact day: I've become 3 times
older than him, and his grandfather (85) has become 5 times older than
I will also phone my father in that exact date, to remind him of those
facts, and neither my father nor my son will be surprised that I call
them to talk about ages; both will think I called them to wish them
a happy birthday. They will also take the opportunity to wish me
a happy birthday too :)

By the way, my father didn't do any special planning about my mother's
pregnancy with me, and I didn't do any planning about my wife's
pregnancy either. It was all pure coincidence.


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