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Fri Mar 17 03:21:41 CET 2006

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> > > The idea of a "mutable complex number" gives me the creeps.  
> Did you
> > > say you'd seen this successfully tried somewhere?
> >
> > Don't lose any sleep over it.
> >
> > Yes.
> >
> > PyGeo.
> >
> > Art
> Sorry you felt forced into doing something quirky for whatever reason.
> Or maybe it's just for the fun of it, experimenting with new ideas.

Just looking for the most elegant solution to my problem- nothing quirky intended.
Except that I am consciously here, as elsewhere, sacrificing some measure of performance in the interest of my own sense of elegance. I guess one could argue that scarificing performance for an application where performance *is* an issue cannot be elegant.  Depends what one is after, I guess.

Are there people out there with a more developed sense of elegance in programming than I have been able to develop?  No question.

But it ain't like I am inheriting from float to redefine =, or anything ;)

Or throwing properties aropund willy nilly.


> Lots of good comes from experimentation, trial and error.
> I'm not being critical, just leery i.e. is this a sandbox I could 
> play in?
> A lot of people ask the same questions about mine, with quirky
> sand-castles aplenty (I love sand).
> Kirby

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