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Date: Friday, March 17, 2006 10:05 am
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> Instead of having my geometric objects of the complex plane *be* 
> complex numbes, 
> there is certainly the solution of having a complex number as an 
> attribute of these objects - 
> and then I can take more your approach, and at the speed of C, 
> since I would then 
> be using the built-in for arithmettic operations.

Eureka - potentially. 

Michaels' comments about using a Numeric array as my mutable number, together
with my own efforts to justify my current architecture from your doubts...

All my geometric objects of the complex plane, points, lines and circles have an
associated 2X2 Hermitian matrix as an attrbute. This is what allows me - for example - to
do transformations on an abritrary set of objects.  They all can quack out a Hermitian matrix,
and therefore can be treated as one "type" for the purposes of certain processes. 

A level of abstraction up from where I am right now --  perhaps the better architecture is
to have all my complex objects *be* (derived from) this 2x2 matrix.  This - although not 
the motive - would probably allow me to in fact put my mutable complex number  to sleep.
And help others' sleep ;).

This might have to be psuedo-inheritance via an UserArray mechanism -  until it
becomes clearer to me if there is in the newer array libraries a way to do true

Something that feels right about this at the moment.

Will report back in.


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