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Date: Friday, March 17, 2006 1:17 pm
Subject: Re: [Edu-sig] Properties use case

> I flirt with the idea, but feel more drawn to American Literature. 
> Hoping for some honorary degree from UC Santa Cruz maybe, or Berkeley
> even.

As it happens I have an *actual* degree in Literature from a school in that neighborhood - 
San Francisco State.  Not an academically honered department, but certainly an interesting 
one - folks who hung with Andre Beton and the Surrealists in Paris in their heyday, etc.

But for us to argue over things we actually know something about would be so
much less entertaining ;).

> That's what I was asking.  Do you feel compelled or are you more just
> freely experimenting with an approach that gives you pleasure.  I
> think you've answered my question.  I'm only giving substance to my
> adjective "quirky".  It's OK to be quirky and have fun, in my book
> anyway.

I feel neither compelled, or that I am experimenting.  I am trying to solve problems, 
though some of those problems have an aesthetic component as well as a functional 

I can't think outside the box, having no good idea where the box is to begin with.


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