[Edu-sig] Properties use case

Dethe Elza delza at livingcode.org
Sat Mar 18 00:59:33 CET 2006

> Obviously once I become convinced that the mutable complex numbers happens
> to work for my purposes, there is nothing preventing me from implementing
> as an extension in C.

Of course.

> Would that put the issue to bed?

No particular issue.  Kirby said something, you challenged it, I'm
putting in my CAD$0.02. You can reimplement python in python if you
want (and you wouldn't be the first).

> What - pedagogically - do you imagine you are communicating to me by telling me
> that *this* is generally considered better than *that*.  Nakedly - pretty much nothing.

Thought I said that--faster, less memory, more readable, y'know,
because you asked.

> And it would be easier to converse, no doubt,l if we all felt we were listening to each other.

Oh, I mostly listen.  Sometimes I stop listening when the thread goes
on too long without going anywhere.  On rare occasions I jump in.
Coming to regret doing that, going back to lurk mode now.

> You always seem to be listening with half an ear.

Hmm.  I wonder which half?

> I said in the course of the discussion  - maybe 3 times - that I understood that I was giving
> up performance, and that I could understand an objection on that basis, but for where I
> am going - knowing for example that a C extension is always doable - that I wasn't
> going to let that be short-term decisive.

Yes, I know, I read that.  I'm not questioning that you know this. 
You asked what problems from a CS viewpoint there would be.  I told
you.  You don't like it, don't ask.

> You come back to me explaining to be that I am giving up performance.

Which you knew, but you asked.  Performance is a nebulous word by
itself. I tried to clarify--adding mutable objects is unlikely to save
*either* memory *or* speed.  Your mileagle may vary, of course.

> Kirby understands. I am from New York ;)

Yeah, I'm from Tennessee, but I don't speak from there. And I don't
use it to justify being confrontational.

> You seemed married to Arthur as the desruptive bad guy.

Nope, perfectly willing to be shown otherwise.  On the other hand,
folks have dropped off the list, or threatened to, in part because of
your attacks on other posters.  Just because I'm de-lurking to point
this out doensn't mean I'm the only one who feels this way (although
maybe the only one still around, dunno).

> I don't buy it, but don't expect to change your mind
> either.

Damn.  I wish you would.  I'd really like to have my mind changed on
this.  I truly would.

> Art


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