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> >So, that's why CS people like immutable primitive types.

I believe you.  

But if we trace back the thread we will see that the bottom line question
that I was struggling with at the beginning was precisely the question of
what *makes* a primitive type such. Obviously something much deeper than the
fact that it is coded in C.

But let's leave it alone though, because at the moment, among other things -
for the practical purposes for which I raised the issue (and as a Naïve
Programmer, that is my focus) - it seems to be moot.  

Ten posts back or so I had tried to communicate that through Kirby's
prodding and Michael's suggestive remarks, I had begun to see an approach
that I had not before considered that might solve the issue I consider
myself to be facing in a manner that was more satisfactory - not only to the
CS world - but to myself.

This was *after* I complemented Kirby on the transparency of his approach
and suggested that I was trying to emulate such an approach more thoroughly.

But - and this is what particularly confused me - before he declared the
idea of a mutable complex number - I think the technical term was  -

Let's just go to sleep.


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