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Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sat Mar 18 22:53:59 CET 2006


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> >> Isn't the creation of any class the creation of one's own 
> >type? Now 
> >> what am I missing now?
> >Ahh, I thought we were talking about language primitives.  

I guess I have the advantage that this is abstract to everybody else, quite
concrete to myself as the class we are talking about is created, in use, and
doing its thing. And it is possible - just possible - that people who have
never had use for this kind of class might not have ever created dynamic,
graphical applications of just the PyGeo kind.  Not surprising, because not
many people have.  Maybe for good enough reason- but that's a separate

What was "creepy"  - *I thought* - was the concept of mutable complex number
as a type, in the same sense that any class is a type. Because what else
could we be talking about, since I am designing only an application, not a
programming language. And if the consensus now needs to shift to one that I
am amateurishly out-of-my-mind to think that this could quite reasonably be
a serviceable class *for just the kind of application on which I happen to
be working* - let-it-be-so. 

> >It is not, except for one thing: one often thinks of complex 
> >numbers as values, and when they are mutable, they are more 
> >objects than values.

I am not designing a programming language, I am designing an application.
And bingo - for that application I need them to be more objects than values.


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