[Edu-sig] Properties use case

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sun Mar 19 00:40:17 CET 2006


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> >Because it didn't *feel* yet that I couldn't come up with 
> >something better, that I was at the end of the road.  No 
> >question, it was workable - and if I was being paid to do 
> >this work by the hour it would have been some form of sin to 
> >look further.  But I'm not.

I bit more to the point, is I that I consider it an API issue, but an API
issue specific to the intent of PyGeo - and that is to allow people to use
and extend it as much as possible thinking as geometers and mathematicians
and math students rather than as programmers.  And there seemed to me
something much more natural about saying- think of this *as* a complex
number rather than think about wrapping something within a something else.
These kinds of API issues, tied to the program's intent, are - IMO -
necessary soft, and folks can disagree about what works.  I decided this was
serious enough not only to make the effort to implement, but to sacrifice
performance on its behalf.

Judgment call.


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