[Edu-sig] Properties use case

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Wed Mar 22 02:54:06 CET 2006


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I dared.

And it is amazing to me how quickly my eyes glaze over - how unintelligent I
am about certain coding issues/styles.

I'd would just as soon spell out the magic, method by method - if that is
all we are trying to avoid.  More typing, maybe a little more time - but
once it's there it's there, like forever. 3 hours/float(forever) = 0,
approximately. Unless I am misinterpreting what we are trying to do with the
nested defs and whatever the hell else is going on in there.

The PyPy complex number implementation was the basis for what I ended up


As it happens I need a good deal more in terms of methods for my Complex
than the "conjugate" that is essentially it for the Python built-in.  What
other methods,  which need to be inplace transformations, and which need to
return new Complex objects, or even scalar values - the answers were all
pretty specific to my app, not choices I could (or need to I don't think)
justify on the basis of any general principles I can identify. 


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