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Wed Mar 22 23:30:11 CET 2006

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> Again, we can be ships passing in the night on this.  My venture into
> the Bermuda Triangle of synergetic geometry is in the "don't try this
> @ home" category i.e. it's not for everyone.  More like an Xtreme
> sport [tm].  Fun though.

Except that's another big difference in our sensiblities - as a good progressive, you are a 
relativist.  There ain't no such thing as speaking good ;)

Apropos of Chuck's post, math as the new liberal art -  my best sense of history comes 
from my sense of the history of the development iof mathematical ideas. Synergetic geometry, 
as I hear it presented, is about space - but somehow exists outside of time. It popped into 
being - an otherwordly vision.  Maybe true.  But in my view of what makes the study of math 
meaningful, its math without much meaning, to the extent we are really talking math at all, 
rather than something not more like -  American Unaccountable Geniuses 101. 

Kay does make a good 102.

It's a curriculum, yes.


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