[Edu-sig] Pickling Polyhedra

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 02:52:29 CET 2006

> Exercise:
> Relate the above design pattern proposal to the model-view-controller
> architecture.  Explain how the above might be consistent and/or
> inconsistent with MVC concepts.

Related reading:


Note:  Stu and Cary's Design Science Toys inventory, including the
industrial equipment for making more inventory, burned to the ground, heavy
metal melted.  I filed an account directly from  Cary to Synergeo awhile
back (a Yahoo! group).  What I told Cary is I didn't consider this a huge
tragedy, as this wasn't about the machines.  Those can be replaced.


> K. Urner
> 4D Studios
> 2006.3.21
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