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> > I'm a Silicon Forest exec looking after my own.
> So I *do* understand correctly.

I doubt it, given your track record.

I want the kids around here to grow up with many opportunities, to prosper,
to avail themselves of our local high tech economy if they so choose (in
addition to our other natural wonders).  Management of Ecotopia is not
something to outsource.  We'll come up with our own designs.

To that end, I'm working to grow some indigenous curriculum that suits our

However, as it turns out, the Silicon Forest is not alone in having a
high-tech, knowledge-based economy, so my work in the neighborhood sometimes
earns me an invite to other necks of the woods as well.

> Business is business - to be sure.
> Art

Academia has its own forms of corruption.  You may feel some holier than
thou complex coming on, given your fantasies about some above-it-all Ivory
Tower.  Don't let me burst your bubble then.  Dream on.

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