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Thank you for the advice, Mr. Urner.
Happy Dethe?
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If I were Arthur and trying to ensure my PyGeo source was "camera ready"
from a code teaching point of view, I'd probably open source it on
sourceforge, making the checkin/checkout process easy, and recruit
apprentice PyGeo coders into the fold.  They'd learn the ropes and propose
enhancements or refactorings.  There'd be more than one pair of eyes, more
than one brain, working on the code.  Design patterns such as we've been
discussing, would get hashed out among insiders, less so in a generic public
forum like edu-sig.

As long as it's just Arthur writing everything, and soliciting advice from
people who haven't made a concerted study of his work, I don't have any
confidance that the code will be camera ready as some showcase for beautiful
code.  If this were Gerald de Jong, or Guido, or Tim Peters we were talking
about, I might have a different assessment.  But Arthur didn't grow up in
computer world, is a johnny come lately, bearing much cultural baggage.  He
needs professional help, in my estimation.

In my own case, I've posted working code, e.g. for a presentation manager
using PyGame, that's obviously idiosyncratic, not peer-reviewed let alone
peer-enhanced.  I've been up front with my corresponding expectation:  this
source code won't be very useful to others -- except maybe in the case of
the OSCON 2005 source wherein I buried some notes of historical interest,
but that's a different notion of utility.

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