[Edu-sig] FW: Properties use case

Grégoire Dooms dooms at info.ucl.ac.be
Sat Mar 25 17:29:40 CET 2006

Arthur wrote:
> My response to something Grégoire sent me this off-list is below.  My
> off-list response to him bounced.  I see no reason why he would mind me
> posted it up so I take the liberty to do so.  Apologies if Grégoire feels
> otherwise.  Not something I generally like to do, but see no reason in this
> case why he would be all sensitive to it.
No problemo. I just forgot to cc the list.
>>>>>> No I do not lock my circle.
>>>>> Do you use threads ?
>>> In one sense, and it depends.
>>> There is the *option* of running a TK control panel that 
>>> provides functioning to control more aspects of the 
>>> interactivity with the rendering window than can be 
>>> controlled directly from the rendering window itself. 
AFAIK, you won't have any problems as Tk is single threaded and 
explicitely forbids to call any Tk related function from an other 
thread. So unless you spawn an other thread yourself and make it 
interact in a non-atomic way with your objects you should be safe as the 
Tk mainloop will call your functions/methods in a sequential way.
>>> Thanks for your interest in my question/dilemma.
You are welcome.

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