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> >Does this group know about this project?
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> >http://maryflanagan.com/rapunsel/index.htm

Or this project?


> >
> >I saw Mary talk today and her work is quite impressive.  
> >It's still being researched... 

It is difficult - *for me* -  to understand what "researched" means in the
context a project whose goals are stated in the form of a Manifesto.

Give me an old fashioned unfunded manifesto, like Breton's


>> wouldn't it be wonderful if 
> >they moved away from java and towards a more youthful, 
> >dynamic, vibrant, language...

When one abstracts "programming" as far from the particulars of any real
programming language as - I suspect - a project like Rapunsel does - then
implementation language does not seem to have much significance.  Isn't this
one of Pausch's lessons from Alice?

Much of the outcome of the research - it seems to me - depends on issues of
semantics.  What is programming - for example.  Which - BTW - is *not* a
discussion I am hoping to have here.   

Personally, I don't think Python *is* in the Alice, Scratch, Rapunsel space
or *belongs* in that space or is competitive in that space.

Which happens to be more than fine with me. 


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