[Edu-sig] New version "TNG" of StarLogo ( 3D & Visual & Blocks)

francois schnell francois.schnell at gmail.com
Thu May 4 17:15:14 CEST 2006


In the "visual programming" theme, I've just seen that a new 3D and visual
(though blocks) version of StarLog is available (a preview version now and a
1.0 this summer):

Some screencasts:

It's written in Java :(  and the FAQ says this about the licence:


*Is StarLogo TNG open source? Can StarLogo TNG be open source?*

StarLogo TNG is free for educational use, but it is not currently open
source. We are considering an open source license in the future, but
internal licensing issues and resources will determine that schedule. The
previous version of StarLogo is being released soon under an open source


And the difference with Scratch:


What is the difference between Scratch and StarLogo TNG?

Both Scratch and StarLogo TNG share a common heritage with LogoBlocks,
a tool to create programs for Crickets. The two tools are written from
entirely separate code, but we do share ideas. The audiences are
different for the two products as well. Scratch is primarily designed as
a tool to make computational multimedia projects for kids, targeted at
Computer Clubhouses. StarLogo TNG is designed for more formal education
environments such as introductory programming classes, or subjects (such
as biology, chemistry, physics, etc.) where modeling is an important
part of the curriculum. They're both interesting tools, and you should
check out Scratch when it becomes available.

Scratch is built on Squeak.



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