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On 5/14/06, kirby urner <kirby.urner at gmail.com> wrote:
> > There's a bit more to it than what I wrote above, but it should give the
> > flavor.
> >
> > André
> >
> Thanks.  So I could maybe have a property associate with an
> interpreter box, such that returned output would be recognized as
> "correct" (e.g. 42) or not.  Depending on the output, the next page
> might be different.

At present, only standard "doctest" are run with an "expected" output.  When
run successfully, a "custum" message appears.  It would be fairly easy to
change this so that a link to a new page appears upon successful
completion.  Or, it might be modified so that it links directly to the next

Note that the limitation to doctests should not be a big limitation in
practice.  Usually, students will be ask to write a function that produces a
certain result when called.  So, in the case you mention, the doctest might
>>> print student_function()
Until the student writes a function (named student_function!) that returns
42, no link to the next page would be present on the page.
I see the interpreter prompt as an invitation to explore, rather than a
testing environment.

If you have some "mock tutorial" (i.e. a series of exercises) that you can
give me (perhaps off-list), I could see if Crunchy Frog could (as is)
produce the type of tutorial that you'd want.  If not, it could be the next
feature I implement ;-)


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