[Edu-sig] Vpython 4.0

Dethe Elza delza at livingcode.org
Sat Nov 4 19:13:54 CET 2006

On 4-Nov-06, at 7:15 AM, Arthur wrote:

> Looking closer, what Jonathan has done is expose the "display_kernel"
> functionality to Python.  It is the same display_kernel functionality
> that is inherited and specialized in the C++ code to create the
> functioning gtk and native Windows  displays.  It appears to me  
> that the
> idea is that  one should be able to specialize other windowing
> environments - say  wxPython - by sub-classing from  
> "display_kernel" *in
> Python*.   Which sounds to me a clever way to go, if it is in fact  
> workable.
> Dethe???.

Hi Art,

I've been following your VPython adventures with interest, but am  
pretty tied up right now (article draft overdue for IBM and a big  
release coming at work).  On OS X the 4.0 beta won't even finish  
configure, much less build.

checking for GTK... configure: error: gtkglextmm 1.2, pangoft2,  
glibmm-2.4, and pangomm-1.4 libglademm-2.4 are required on Unix-like  

I've tried to get these installed via fink, but no luck so far.   
Admittedly, I haven't put a lot of time into it yet, but I have taken  
a few stabs.

If I can get it to build, I'd happily work on getting it working.  I  
get frustrated when I'm stuck in the configure stage.


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