[Edu-sig] turtle-graphics - Abelson and a sign of the times?

Gregor Lingl glingl at aon.at
Sun Nov 19 22:49:10 CET 2006

> Concerning books what I've done is to rely on the old, but very good  
> book, by Abelson and diSessa "Turtle Geometry" (MIT Press) and  
> translate the logo code to Python.

To confront you with a newer (and very interesting) idea of Abelson 
have a look at:



P.S.: After having finished the second edition of "Python für Kids"
which was a huge rewrite due to using the new xturtle module
I went on vacation. Back from this I've got to do a lot of work 
which I didn't have time to complete while writing the book.

I just have turned on the edu-sig posting delevery again and 
I hope to be able to enter the turtlegraphics thread soon and
also the development of the xturtle module in the very near

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