[Edu-sig] FYI: PataPata postmortem link

Rob Malouf rmalouf at mail.sdsu.edu
Mon Nov 27 19:31:59 CET 2006


On Nov 27, 2006, at 10:14 AM, Ian Bicking wrote:
> There's some similar issues being considered for OLPC.   
> Specifically the
> laptop has a "view source" key, which (unsurprisingly) lets you  
> view the
> source of what you are doing.  What that means is application (aka
> "Activity") specific, but a general Python solution is called for.
> Of course it's a little hard to say what that actually should be.   
> Just
> a text editor?  Not too exciting.  Really there should be a view of  
> the
> process.  And some way to manipulate the in-process objects and  
> source.
>   One thing I was unsure of -- and I think your postmortem  
> confirmed --
> is whether it's really feasible to generally edit objects in- 
> process in
> a persistent way.  I'm inclined not to go so far, perhaps simply  
> relying
> on UI hints to indicate when the change is likely to be persistent.
> It's fairly easy to edit a function definition persistently, for
> instance, or add a function definition.  You can still explore and  
> poke
> around in the process any way you want, but you don't have complete  
> power.

Sounds a lot like a LISP Machine....  Have you looked into those for  
UI ideas?

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