[Edu-sig] PyDX - announce

Simon Burton simon at arrowtheory.com
Sun Oct 22 23:46:48 CEST 2006


I'd like to let edu-sig know about this project I've been working on.
It is too under-documented to be really useful as an educational tool ATM, 
but a lot of the concepts behind the code are both simple to understand and deeply profound, mathematically.
Hence this post to edu-sig.

Check it out!

PyDX - first public announcement


    PyDX is a package for working with calculus (differential geometry),
arbitrary precision arithmetic (using gmpy), and interval arithmetic.

It provides:
    * multivariate automatic differentiation (to arbitrary order)
    * Tensor objects for computations in differential geometry
    * Interval scalars (based on libMPFI) for calculating rigorous bounds
on arithmetic operations (validated numerics).
    * Arbitrary order validated ODE solver.

PyDX uses lazy computation techniques to greatly enhance performance of
the resulting functions.

This code grew out of a research project at The Australian National University,
Department of Physics, which involved computing bounds on geodesics in 
relativistic space-time's.



Subversion Repository


Simon Burton
October 22 2006
The Australian National University

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