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From: John Zelle 
> That's assuming that the goal of said education is to produce 
> professional 
> programmers. I believe that everyone has something to gain from 
> learning what 
> software is really all about. Most will not rise to the level of 
> professional 
> (or even competent) programmer. Similary, most students taking 
> English 
> classes will never become successful novelists. Does that mean 
> all the others 
> are just doing busywork? I've always thought you a champion of 
> liberal 
> learning, don't all students deserve to have their intellectual 
> worlds 
> expanded to the extent possible?

Part of what would be nice if we each didn't reduce the others ideas/statements to their 
most absurd interpretation.

The fact of the matter is that I *was* an English student, at a very unfancy commuter school and 
all I remember is being challenged - Chaucer *must* be read in Middle English, Joyce is Joyce,
and Shakespeare is Shakespeare, nothing that can be done about that. Modern criticism is 
erudite, drawing upon deeper notions derived from the serious study of  history, philosophy, psychology. Nothing that can be done about that either.

I guess there was Composition101 - required course for engineering students.  

But we couldn't be asking that Guido put designing for that near the top of his agenda, 
could we?

I guess that would be CP4E - which I have felt from the beginning was a miscue - 
and have never been very shy about saying so, as you well know.


> --John
> ps. That's really, really, my last post. Unless someone actually 
> wants to 
> discuss the substance of the arguments I've made earlier. If 
> challenged, I'll 
> probably take the bait...
> -- 
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