[Edu-sig] simple guessing games

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Mon Sep 11 09:42:49 CEST 2006

kirby urner wrote:

>class Snake:
>	"""triggering reflexes..."""
>	def __rib__(self):  pass
Having unilaterally decided that some connection between something 
Fuller once said about ships (was it ?)

and the fact that there is a programming language called Python

which is a snake and has ribs (like a ship?) and uses double underscore 

is so irrestibly clever that it deserves a place in the Urnian Pantheon 
and private language

we will be subject to references to it - in this public forum -  for how 

Hoping to influence that decision:

a) One of design features of the programming language named after a 
comedy troup, not a reptile, that it seems to me is of  fundamental 
significance to tis success is its willingness to be outward facing, not 
inward - its willingness to leverage the use of  generally accepted and 
commonly used idioms, not be overly clever, i.e be a public language, 
not a private language.

b) Fuller only marginalized himself by resorting to private language. 
Clever enough poeple like myself find him unbearable to read, which is 
something quite different from being able to read him, were it bearable 
to do so.

c) Urner is not Fuller.


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