[Edu-sig] BASIC?

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 18:30:05 CEST 2006

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> "presents  Toolkit Book One"
> An embarassment of riches we have today
> Jason

Exactly right.  If we're doing "military tribunals" all of a sudden (I
think Congress may have a better idea), then let's queue up the math
teachers to explain why:

(1) download and install language x
(2) teach basic algebra in terms of x

is so tough for them to get.  The students would benefit.  Instead the
plan seems to be:  let's get our asses whipped in the civilian job
market, but compensate with our bigger guns.  That's a non-starter if
I ever saw one.

My preferred approach:  at least give the USA military a free hand to
teach Python on base schools, with off base non-DARPA schools allowed
to copy the free source code (already paid for by taxpayers, so free
for reuse).

I have the same policy proposal for the Rez populations i.e the BIA
schools, mostly funded from casino money anyway, which tribal elders
control and use to build community (e.g. by helping to fund OMSI via
Spirit Mountain -- my favorite science museum).

To the students I say:  CP4E from Python Nation is your friend.  We'll
rescue you from those dreary crypto-algebra teachers who don't know a
computer from a hole in the ground, and wouldn't know a computer
language if one bit them on the butt. [sound of 3rd graders laughing]


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