[Edu-sig] KwangJu, Korea -> Linux City -> Linux University

Jason Cunliffe jasonic at nomadics.org
Mon Sep 25 18:08:26 CEST 2006

The Korean government plans to pick Kwangju this month as the nation's 
first ``Linux City,'' where open-source software will become the 
mainstream programs.

... it will be required to install open-source software as a main 
operating system of their infrastructures, a job which the ministry will 
support with funds and technologies. In the long run, Kwangju will have 
to migrate most of its public desktop and notebook computers away from 
the Windows program of Microsoft, the world's foremost producer of 
software. ``The test city will prompt other regions to follow suit via 
demonstrating that Linux can be the go-to operating system without any 
technological glitches or security woes,'' Lee said. To that end, the 
ministry seeks to invest 1 billion won ($1 million), although the amount 
may change depending on the situation. Together with Linux City, the 
government will also choose a ``Linux University,'' another test bed for 
the emerging software that is an alternative to the proprietary 
Microsoft Windows.


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