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In little more than one year I'll become a teacher in informatics for 14 -
16 year-olds (and math, history for 12-15y).
Nowadays these pupils get Word, Excel and Pascal. Few hours are actually
spent on programming.

I would like to change this into oooWriter, oooCalc and Python (and perhaps
a little more, depending on the strength of my class).

Now, before we graduate, everybody needs to write a paper.
These subjects are on my list:
* Learn Python - a studybook with theory, examples and exercises
-- Idea: The last lessons the pupils can make a simple game, building on
functions they saw that year
->Math: The possibility to use python in my math class, for instance as a
plotter, calculating surface, drawing figures ...
(In my spare time I would like to write a GeoGebra like program, in Python.
Still theoretical though ...)
* Learn Writer - just a replacement for Word
-- Idea: python-uno
* Learn Calc - Idem as Writer

I am considering to use "Think like a computer scientist" as a basis for my
But I am a little stuck on the math and game documentation. Can someone
provide me with some links?

Also I would like your comments and suggestions on the ideas.
Furthermore, what should I integrate, what not?

If this works, we could provide teachers with a studybook for python, which
makes the step to use the language a lot smaller and therefor easier to


PS: My English is a bit rusty. Working on it ...
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