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kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 02:24:08 CEST 2007

Greetings Edu-siggers --

I've just learned my Saturday Academy class, a variety of
Pythonic mathematics, has a green light for this session,
meaning I'll be teaching in a computer lab at Portland State
these next few weeks.

If the past serves as any guide, I'll be logging some of my
experiences, as the teacher, in this stash (edu-sig archive),
Insha'Allah.  These are middle and high school aged students.

Also, I'm starting to practice my adult level Python teaching
skills, with Wanderers, starting tomorrow evening.  Wanderers
is a think tanky group I've blogged about often, with lots of ties to
(a) Linus Pauling and (b) Cal Tech.

These will be challenging adult students, many with years of
experience as assembly language programmers, electronics
engineers and so on.  Allen Taylor is author of several popular
'SQL for Dummies' books.  David Feinstein is an applied
mathematician of high repute, and so on.

Speaking of Wanderers, I didn't make the final cut for the Python
track this year @ OSCON 2007.  Probably good they're giving
more young people a chance (I had this gig three times already).

However, if you're planning to be here in Portland attending OSCON,
that'd be an opportunity for us to meet around the edges.  Join us
for an evening at the Linus Pauling Center on Hawthorne for example.


I'll post more closer to the time.

4D Solutions/DWA
3745 SE Harrison St.
Portland, OR  97214

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