[Edu-sig] Fwd: spinning 'self'

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 23:23:27 CEST 2007

> I'm putting a lot of emphasis on 'self' in first person terms, including other
> Unicode symbols, because I'm trying to recruit new users, whatever their
> pre-existing philosophies (I make few presumptions), into checking out and
> using our OO mirror.
> Kirby

To put it another way, more succinctly, "to objectify" and "to dehumanize"
have become roughly synonymous sins in many a lexicon, and would-be
Pythonistas may bet turned off when they see that little 'self' floating around
amidst all the rest of the machinery, confirming their worst fears about
geek-speak and engineers always  "objectifying" everything (so *that's*
how my world got so ugly!  I can blame *them*!).

Rather than give in to this prejudice, a form of bigotry against those using
OO languages, I say we take that bull by the horns and show how
"objectifying everything" is helping us responsibly model, visualize and
control a lot of important infrastructure, and that our goals are to humanize,
to empathize, to build stuff that improves living standards, makes sense.

And yes, we objectify humans as well, how could we not, and keep our
models relevant?  Think of comic books (mirrors of reality, sequential),
except executing, doing work, making our infrastructure more secure,
more reliable.


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