[Edu-sig] Scratch interface for Python, and network programming games.

Dethe Elza delza at livingcode.org
Thu Aug 23 09:11:58 CEST 2007

Hi Winston,

> I have been thinking of exactly the same thing--a Scratch type
> environment for Python.  And I've also purchased a Nintendo DS
> development kit, hoping to make a Python to Nintendo DS development
> system.  Haven't had time to work on it though with my summer
> classes.  I should have more time in the fall, perhaps we can
> collaborate?

It's cool that you're interested in collaborating on Scratch for
Python (or whatever we end up calling it).  I'd love that.  Right now
it's not easy for me to set it up, but I can when I return to
Vancouver in mid-September.  My internet access is limited right now,
and the N800 I'm developing on isn't on the net.  Do you have any
preferences between SVN (probably hosted at Google) vs. distributed
VCS like Bazaar?

The Nintendo development system has tempted me, but then I see the
Lego Mindstorms sitting around waiting to be programmed, and the
Roomba that I've utterly failed to hack (although it does make an
excellent vacuum cleaner, we use it for that all the time ;-) .  So
I've restrained myself so far, but if you get PyGame working on it,
I'll be there in a flash.

> My biggest interest on the Scratch/Python angle right now is to
> develop some team programming games.  I.e. you write a program using
> Python raw or Python via a Scratch interface for beginners, and then
> you throw your program into the ring via the network and have it
> compete against other students.

This sounds very interesting, and something my kids could really get
into.  Do you have more details about what kind of programs they would
compete with?

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