[Edu-sig] Rich Data Streams

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Fri Aug 24 00:43:23 CEST 2007

kirby urner wrote:
> The idea of rich data structures was to take advantage of the
> Internet by providing students with more meaningful precoded
> data through which to plow.
> Examples:
> *  all the bones in the body as a tree structure (with some fancy
> networking among skull bones)
> * GIS info (I posted cities.xml from Winterhaven)
> * the eight planets of our solar system, plus Pluto and Iris
> (the latter owned by CBS (smile)).
> The idea of a rich data stream anticipates Python 3's strong
> powers around data bitting (new bit type), which'll make OO
> dissection of IPv6 packets (legacy IPv4 packets) a cinch.

Kirby, I've seen your posts re building up a reusable set of data for teaching
before, and I think it is a good idea.  Where are you collecting and making
this information available?  It seems like a single project under source
control would allow others to utilize and contribute to such a stockpile,
piece by piece.


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