[Edu-sig] Greetings from LA

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 03:56:01 CET 2007

The local coffee shop, one in a franchise, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf,
has a flatscreen customized to flash news, other stories, amidst
a color themed desktop (branded -- not sure at what point in the

OLPC commercials, something I hadn't seen yet in Portland.

The National Guard has rock band intro, sponsors the pre show
in movie theaters (before the previews).  Fighting the red coats
remains relevant (in the minds of *these* recruiters anyway).
Other segments I'd not seen in my focus group area (PDX).

I get some OLPC bounce traffic through Canada, other places,
but am more platform agnostic, kinda like Squeak, in my
curriculum writing (Oregon... Alaska)  If it runs in a browser,
that's good enough for me (almost).

That could mean a Python interpreter ala Crunchy Frog, or,
on a batteries included system, you'll probably had IDLE or
whatever, so no need to reinvent the wheel.  Just get a
conversation going, start charming the snake.  Use your
community for support, but dive in solo as well (the art of
self teaching -- for those many hours on airplanes when
you're *not* part of an "away team").

In other words, start by finding out if you can just get away
with what's in your distro, and use the web to read the
tutorials, lesson plans... watch those peer-authored Youtubes
(many worth collecting, organizing, recontextualizing).

Lots to see and do, and Python is everywhere, once you know
what you're looking for (Safari helps -- shameless plug).

Kirby Urner
on Ubuntu Dell in the City of Whittier
near to the City of Angels i.e. in Greater LA
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