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kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 02:19:03 CET 2007

Walter Bender is a good source of OLPC news for those of
you in Python Nation tracking the spread of Python by this
vector (both as an under the hood engine, and as a user
friendly API).

Not to worry, I won't be flooding edu-sig with cross-posts;
I save most of the OLPC stuff for my blogs.

That being said, I'm all ears re exciting Python applications
set to run on the XO, either in these early iterations or down
the road a piece.

I'm especially interested in applications that take us beyond
Latin-1 at the interface level (not expecting a lot of
non-Latin-1 3rd party py modules this early in the game,
though I do know people are poking around with this stuff,
given 3.x is in testing).

still in Greater LA

(working vacation -- got a new paying gig at PPS LEP High
for more Python, is this morning's good news).

Michael Burns of the Oregon State Open Source Lab has been working
each night improving and growing the Community Support forum (See
http://olpc.osuosl.org/), which is now exceeding 1,000 posts; 200
registered users have answered hundreds of first-time computer
questions from G1G1 donors. There is already a growing community of
users helping other users on the site. The site includes a live (IRC)
chat (See http://olpc.osuosl.org/chat), a feature that works from any
computer, including directly from the XO, and a volunteers map (See
http://olpc.osuosl.org/forum/phoogle_map.php) that lets developers,
enthusiasts and users put a push-pin next to their home town.

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