[Edu-sig] PyCon Activities

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Tue Feb 6 14:04:54 CET 2007

Vern Ceder wrote:
> One thought comes to me in looking at the schedule...
> The newby talk could be on Friday, opposite the Python lab session and 
> the edu-sig dinner would then be Saturday. My reasoning is that the 
> Python lab session will attract the more experienced programmers, but 
> not anyone new to programming or Python.

Actually the Python Lab session is intended to attract those at least somewhat 
new to Python, by trying to show how different skill levels would approach the 
same problem.  If the only people who show up for the lab are experts, it's 
going to be rather boring. ;-) But those completely new to programming, or who 
don't feel comfortable tackling problems in a group environment yet may want 
the newbie talk.  So it's probably a good scheduling timeslot, to do it on Fri.

We're also looking for a BoF timeslot, probably on Sat, at which Ivan can 
provide hands-on/upclose access to the One Laptop per Child demo unit he is 
bringing, and answer questions about the project.  He suggested holding it 
over beer/dinner if not too many people are going, but I expect strong 
interest in OLPC.  I'm wondering if we can do an edu-sig dinner early and then 
regroup back at the hotel for the demo and other presentations the edu-sig has 
mentioned may happen.


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