[Edu-sig] edu-dinner

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Tue Feb 20 00:30:18 CET 2007

Michael Tobis wrote:
> I just talked to the Marriott; they are perfectly OK doing room service 
> into the Preston Trail II room. One of us staying at the hotel can 
> collect cash from all interested and put it on a credit card. I am 
> willing to do this.
> So I suggest we combine dinner and our meeting in the Preston Room 
> Saturday Night
> They are also sending me a banquet menu and I'll look into it, but I 
> think it would be easier with room service for everyone to get what they 
> want.

Room service seems expensive.  Last year they were really relaxed about 
using the space (e.g., people brought in some six packs and hung out 
until after midnight).  Maybe we could get delivery from someplace 
local?  (If so, maybe we can get a recommendation from someone in the area.)

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