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Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Tue Feb 20 05:57:33 CET 2007

Jeff Rush wrote:
> Ian Bicking wrote:
>> Michael Tobis wrote:
>>> I just talked to the Marriott; they are perfectly OK doing room 
>>> service into the Preston Trail II room. One of us staying at the 
>>> hotel can collect cash from all interested and put it on a credit 
>>> card. I am willing to do this.
>>> So I suggest we combine dinner and our meeting in the Preston Room 
>>> Saturday Night
>>> They are also sending me a banquet menu and I'll look into it, but I 
>>> think it would be easier with room service for everyone to get what 
>>> they want.
>> Room service seems expensive.  Last year they were really relaxed 
>> about using the space (e.g., people brought in some six packs and hung 
>> out until after midnight).  Maybe we could get delivery from someplace 
>> local?  (If so, maybe we can get a recommendation from someone in the 
>> area.)
> You can find the hotel's bar (subset of restaurant) menu (last year's 
> prices) at:
>   http://us.pycon.org/Addison/HotelFood-Bar
> There will be a 8.25% sales tax and a 22% service charge, I'm pretty sure.

Those prices aren't too bad.

> The hotel insists on doing all the catering themselves.  But if people 
> want to get take-out and bring it back, we expect that might be fine.

Yeah; it wouldn't be the conference organizing any of it, just some 
individuals.  I think people got pizza delivered last year, if I 
remember correctly.  There's nothing to cater really -- this isn't a 
formal event with a head count or anything.

> There is also a cool restaurant down the street from the hotel, called 
> the Magic Time Machine.
>   http://magictimemachine.com/
> Their menu is online and they can take reservations, but you'll need an 
> accurate headcount, which is a problem with BoFs.  Having the hotel 
> cater is definitely the less work approach albeit more expensive.  Also 
> having it in the hotel means you can listen to edu talks while eating - 
> not possible in a restaurant.

I would like having it at the hotel.

> I wonder what would happen if individually people went to the bar, 
> ordered their food to go and showed up in Preston Trail to eat it.

Would they mind us carrying plates around?  I don't know.  Probably if 
we told them where we were taking them they wouldn't care too much.  But 
if we can organize takeout or delivery that would be great.

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