[Edu-sig] OLPC: first thoughts on the first keynote at Pycon

Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Sat Feb 24 19:12:19 CET 2007

In a message of Fri, 23 Feb 2007 23:20:10 PST, Andreas Raab writes:
>Paul D. Fernhout wrote:
>> This "edit and continue" support is much more fine grained and 
>> easier to use than reloading Python modules, even with the variants I a
>> others have created. 
>Where can I find out more about these variants and what they do? We are 
>currently trying to enable a workflow that centers around a life 
>environment and these issues become important for us. Are there any 
>other life environments (besides Patapata which I have looked at) that 
>are worth studying?
>   - Andreas

PyPy made a release last week.  
release 1.0 (coming next month) may be of even more interest to you.  Remember
that this is bleeding edge computer science research, not something
we suggest you use in production right away.

in particular greenlets http://codespeak.net/py/dist/greenlet.html may
be of interest to you.   We don't have an 'edit and continue' interface
to pypy yet, but that is exactly what we are doing internally, so by
my reckoning, at any rate, it would not be hard to add.

EU project winds up in March.  No cool new ideas are going to go in
until April, because we are going to have the damndest time getting all
we promised done on time ...

PyPy has its own mailing list http://codespeak.net/mailman/listinfo/pypy-dev
and pypy developers hang out on the irc channel #pypy on freenode.  That
is a better place to discuss pypy than here.

Laura Creighton

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