[Edu-sig] Coxeter Theory: The Cognitive Aspects

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sun Jan 21 18:04:09 CET 2007

Speaking of Coxeter, teaching, learning, cognition, computers, GUIs

the thoughts of a mathematics educator:

Coxeter Theory: The Cognitive Aspects


Evenhanded enough.

Section 10 Parsing, continued: do brackets matter?

discusses some of what the author learned from the "progress" when the 
software he had used to teach grew a GUI interface.

PyGeo has no option to create constructions via a GUI.  If it did, it 
would be used, and any possible benefit that might be attained by using 
the software would be sabotaged.

The reason I get crazy and make 17 consecutive posts in a row is that in 
fact I *am* an amateur in every sense of the word.  The things that I am 
obsessed with not having swept under a rug are not things that are 
difficult or esoteric.  They are there.  They have mass. You can kick them.

Ignoring them takes convolution.

Too what end are we twisting things into knots?


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