[Edu-sig] Python for math teachers (Google videos)

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Fri Jan 26 16:29:10 CET 2007

Arthur wrote:
> And within this, I think picking on children as a target is particularly 
> problematic - precisely because expertise in the subject of the 
> education of children is so hard to evaluate.  Anyone can claim it. Even 
> computer programmers.

Piaget is a theorist.  Let's assume an excellent theorist.  Let's assume 
the best there is.

The leap that the computer is somehow central to an implementation of 
his ideas is an unnecessary, arbitrary, and somehow generally accepted 
leap.  Very strange to me.

It would seem to be more reasonable to start with a working assumption 
that in working with children we should be working with materials and 
objects that have immediacy and obviousness that computers do not and 
cannot have.

To think that it is just a matter of rigging the interface correctly and 
  it is all win/win form there  - the word ridiculous happens to work 
for me.

As with all matters with children, I claim no particular expertise.  And 
am willing to be wrong.  That is different from being willing to shut up 
until I am given a good reason to conclude that I am wrong.


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