[Edu-sig] Exploring visible mathematics with IMAGINE: Building new mathematical cultures with a powerful computational system

Paul D. Fernhout pdfernhout at kurtz-fernhout.com
Wed Jan 31 14:54:02 CET 2007

Just came across this reference which might be of interest to people here:

Ivan Kalas, Andrej Blaho:
Exploring visible mathematics with IMAGINE: Building new mathematical 
cultures with a powerful computational system.
Learning in School, Home and Community 2002: 53-64


Link to the first few pages:



"In our paper we explore how programmable pictures together with events, 
parallel independent processes and direct manipulation tools can be used 
for building powerful interactive elements and provide rich environments 
for exploring basic mathematical concepts. To visualize the concepts we 
use IMAGINE turtles, the shapes of which are specified in the Logo 
language. Thus we achieve high interactivity in the resulting microworlds. 
Children can easily create such objects, control them, combine, move, 
group, match, etc. We hope that new features of IMAGINE will inspire math 
teachers and developers to create new visible educational materials."

 From the book:
_Learning in School, Home and Community: Ict for Early and Elementary 

"Schools, homes and communities, including after-care centres, resource 
centres and libraries, have increased and acquired more technologies, and 
a wider range of applications are being used. Research shows that students 
use ICT differently in each setting. School-based technology use is often 
viewed by students as routine and disconnected from their interests and 
abilities. Many teachers are hesitant as to how to teach about ICT and, at 
the same time, integrate ICT into subject-based learning. Parents and the 
community-at-large have goals that differ from the goals espoused by 
teachers and students. This volume highlights the concerns of all - 
students, teachers, parents, policy makers and the general public.Major 
themes in Learning in School, Home and Community: ICT for Early and 
Elementary Education include: *Teachers' and researchers' studies of ICT 
use in school, home and community. *National strategies and policies 
affecting ICT use in school, home and community. *ICT tools designed to 
promote learning and the optimal settings to promote learning. *School and 
community responses to ICT use that promote the integration of ICT for all 
members of the community. This volume contains the selected proceedings of 
the Working Conference on Learning with Technologies in School, Home and 
Community, which was sponsored by the International Federation for 
Information Processing (IFIP) and held June 30-July 5, 2002 in Manchester, 
United Kingdom. Contributions from experts around the world, working as 
teachers, teacher educators, researchers and government officials, make 
this volume an essential contribution to the development and 
implementation of ICT policies andprograms for schools, homes and 

[Note: Personally I do not think computers an apropriate way for kids to 
spend much of their time before, say, age seven.]

Related with online content:

"Imagine… a new generation of Logo: programmable pictures"
"In 2000 we completed the development of a new generation of Logo 
environments containing a radical combination of the direct manipulation 
interface and rich interactive programming language."

Not open source it seems, and so had dropped by the wayside or become 

--Paul Fernhout

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