[Edu-sig] Politics and Python in Education (meta on list charter)

Peter Bowyer peter at mapledesign.co.uk
Sat Jul 21 17:17:00 CEST 2007

At 00:21 19/07/2007, Guido wrote:
>discussions. Almost nobody has spoken in defense of you or Kirby, many
>responded with an enthusiastic "+1" to my original proposal to ban

I missed your original post, but a heartfealt +1 from me.  I took 
Arthur to task once and he left the list for a short while - it'd be 
nice not to have edu-sig dominated by one or two people again.

Can I propose we talk about what we're trying and what works, and 
make this the list-focus?

In the context of deploying Python as a teaching aid (or the language 
for a Computer Science course)  I don't give a damn about what 
education *should* be.  I want to hear the approaches others are 
finding successful, I want to hear what people are doing/planning to 
do and their ideas.  I don't want a load of theoretical talk - I'll 
join another mailing list for that.

Please - can we keep this one a list where busy professionals (and 
those interested) can read, talk, share & learn in a pragmatic 
manner?  Let's keep it a useful list for people who want to do 
something educational using Python and need advice or feedback.

I have no problem with the odd bit of theory coming up ("I've always 
thought this way would work..." or "Have you seen this approach 
proposed by XYZ?") - to show we're keeping education in mind it 
should be there.  But this list is a community, not a platform for a 
couple of people to air their views and dominate.

I don't work in an educational institution.  I did my masters' thesis 
on physics & python [1] and am still on this list here because it's a 
subject close to my heart and I want to keep up with what others are 
doing, and contribute if I have anything to offer.



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