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Michael Tobis mtobis at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 03:21:38 CEST 2007

A lot of the Python-first stuff out there is aimed at the college
level, where opportunities like the yours are more common than at the
high school level.

You may wish to take into account whether this is part of the
curriculum or a voluntary after-school activity. In the latter case,
it's crucial to have the meetings enjoyable and rewarding every time
so as not to have too much attrition. Graphics is certainly valuable
in offering a psychological reward.

One place to look is certainly Jeff Elkner's material at

A quicker path to graphics is offered by
http://www.livewires.org.uk/python/ ; there are some installation
issues you'll have to work out with the school.

Thanks to a recent casual mention on this list, I have been looking at
Scratch for my next effort in this direction. Scratch is not a
full-fledged computer language but has some very remarkable features
as a transition from software user to software creator. It is easy to
install, and offers an upload to the web, so kids can ship their
projects home. I think a few sessions with Scratch may pave the way
for a more successful Python experience.

Good luck and stay in touch!


On 7/22/07, Bryan <belred at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi,
> i have the opportunity to teach python at the local public school and
> my company will pay for my time off of work to volunteer.  i talked to
> the school and i can set the curriculum and the age of the students
> how i want. the grades available to me are K-12.   my question to this
> email list is does anyone have a curriculum that i could borrow from.
> i need to put together a syllabus and plan for 18 1 hour sessions.
> i'm thinking about setting minimum requirement to those that have
> taken at least 1 quarter of algebra.  if you think that's not the
> right thing to do please let me know.
> thanks,
> bryan
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