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I've been using your book with high school students--most from 9th and 10th grade.  There have been some excellent responses here, including David's.  

I understand your dilemma and would suggest an approach used in books like the "for Dummies" books.  You may want to put this topic in a sidebar, perhaps with a darker shading and a title like "What's really gong on here?".  That way, younger readers won't be so distracted by this distinction, and yet more mature readers will be able to explore that in more detail.

Just an idea.  


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A precise explanation of Python variables is in Chapter 4 of Martelli's
 "Python in a Nutshell".  He uses the word "identifier" for the name,
 and "variable" for the actual object.  You'll have to make a choice
 between using precise terminology, vs a more conversational, easy-reading
 style.  I would at least put Martelli's book in the list for further

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Hope this is helpful.

-- Dave

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