[Edu-sig] suggestion on using python robotics in class

Matt K matt.kameron at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 05:20:18 CEST 2007


I'm new to this list and have poked around on the net and such for a way to
program robotics using Python, but have only found "annoying" ways which
would involve more effort on students' behalf than I'm hoping for.

I'm a highschool teacher teaching 15 year olds. They are of very mixed
ability and it can be assumed that they've got a handle on based flow
control using conditionals but nothing on functions of loops. I'd then like
them to switch to robotics (which we do atm any) using Python (atm we do
robotics using the mindsotrms GUI which is terrible).
The following year they are more formally introduced to loops by writing
cgi-scripts, and it is only the year *after* that in which application-level
programming is considered (translation: they get to write computer games).

So, what I'm after is esentially a simple way where they can type Python
code and then upload it somehow to the bricks, when can be run and do their
thing. Basics is all that is needed, reading inputs, sending outputs, some
ifs and some loops. Maybe functions too.

Can anybody either help me by answering this question, or directing me to a
previous thread which might contain the answer?

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