[Edu-sig] teaching server side programming

DiPierro, Massimo MDiPierro at cti.depaul.edu
Mon Oct 8 21:53:02 CEST 2007


I just wanted to point you to Gluon:


it is a web framework designed by a teacher (me) with students in mind. It requires no installation and no configuration. It comes with web server and sql database in one package. The all development, deployment and management of applications is done via a web interface. It allows teachers to focus on the Model-View-Controller without messing up with details such as shell programming.

Everything has a default: Students can design the database and the system gives them an administrative interface. Students can design the application logic and the system writes default generic templates to present the output in html.

Applications can be packaged via the web interface and easily exchanged between students and faculty. The framework has a built-in ticketing system so one can retrieve and debug errors at a later time.

If you like Rails and Django, you may like Gluon.

We will be using it at DePaul in a new class on Web Frameworks and possibly to teach intro web programming concepts.

Massimo Di Pierro
DePaul University, School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems

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