[Edu-sig] Thesis about Python & Zope

Jan Ulrich Hasecke jan.ulrich at hasecke.com
Wed Oct 10 14:28:36 CEST 2007


did anybody already posted this link?


It is a thesis in German about Python and Zope in education. The only  
one in German AFAIK.

Next week I have a meeting as representative of the parents in the  
school of my boys. And the agenda sounds as if there are chances to  
discuss new approaches in teaching computer science.

Up to now they only sporadically uses Openoffice.org. They heard  
about Open Source Software but Python is the name of a serpent. ;-)

I hope to say something about Python, I even suggested a workshop and  
I would like to back up my words with educational studies.

I know there are tons of good links in the archives of this list, but  
I am so busy that I fear I could not evaluate them. It would be more  
than nice, if you could point me to a page with links to revelant  
studies or just post links to new studies. Studies with european  
context preferred.


Satiren und Essays

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