[Edu-sig] python for kids... (version 0.4)

Dethe Elza delza at livingcode.org
Sun Oct 28 20:56:56 CET 2007

The Mac/Python folks recommend treating the Python that comes
pre-installed as part of the built-in operating system--don't remove
it because things will break, but don't rely on it for your own code.
There are several reasons for this: it's an older version of Python,
it shipped with known bugs, and if you build stand-alone applications
using it, they will not work when you upgrade the OS or someone uses
you app on a different version of the OS.  Far better is to download
and install the latest python and use that.  In that case, Tkinter
should work fine, and if you build stand-alone apps (using py2app)
Python will be packaged into the app bundle, so it will work
regardless of OS upgrades.


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