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Thanks.  And thanks to everyone else who responded.  I have many choices here and will let students drive some of these decisions. Other recommendations have been noted and I will be presenting these possibilities to a group of teachers in the near future.

We've got a google page started (just a group page, a code wiki will possibly follow), and I think we may also use Blogger somehow.  Both of those are just too convienient to pass by.  Although I could get our district to host, it's easier to just bypass them for now.
In the future we'll probably host with Moodle as our school is moving to a Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) focus.  Right now, however, OS is seen as either "too good to be true" or "security risk!" or even "what the heck is that?"

Thank you to all that responded.  I read each and every one :-)


P.S. My students indeed ARE very familiar with facebook.  I'm sure that suggestion will go over well with them.  It's the parents who tend to get nervous about facebook.

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Google code. http://code.google.com/hosting .

Most wikis are code-unfriendly. You'll have to jump through a few
hoops to get started, but you won't actually have to install your own
wiki. Google code is what you need, I think.....

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