[Edu-sig] Lore question (re BarCamp) and MVC link

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 00:02:58 CEST 2007

I'm planning this little meetup for open sorcerers and doctors (as in
medical) and am modeling it after BarCamp.

If any of you on edu-sig see shallow bugs or other patches you
want to make, here's from some actual recent correspondence sent
to a doc friend of mine.

Take pot shots at will...

My model is Portland Barcamp but without the cubes (McMenamins
tables and booths instead -- same idea).  Dunno if we have wireless
-- not having a major blow to the analogy.

Barcamp doesn't mean a Camp for Wild Drinking (one meaning of
"Bar").  Rather, in geek world, we use FUBAR (a military acronym)
as a source of Foo and Bar.  These then become the nonsense
syllables we so often need to stand for "whatever".  FooCamp was
taken by O'Reilly (the publisher and guy, Tim).  BarCamp materialized
soon thereafter, or so goes the lore.

So what if anything does this have to do with Python?

I think of Python mainly as a candidate controller in this very generic
picture here in my blog:


Probably missing Pirate Festival this upcoming weekend,
given it's also Race for the Cure, plus "working vacation" Friday
(hotel in the boonies).

Pirate Festival last year:



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