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. I believe that a typical way to name it would be "pyweb2 .

2008/7/19 Atul Varma <varmaa at gmail.com>

> 2008/7/19 Tony Theodore <tonyt at logyst.com>:
>> In my mind, web2py sums it up pretty well - Web 2.0 in Python. MVC, ajax,
>> trivial deployment (even back to cgi on GAE), all "web2ish" attributes. It
>> might interest you that it was initially called Gluon.
> That's really interesting, because over the past year or so of reading
> about web2py, I had always assumed that it meant "web-to-python", in the
> style of command-line tools like "rst2html" (which converts restructured
> text to html); this was also confusing, because it seemed like "py2web"
> would be more appropriate.
> Looking at the website now, I see no mention of the phrase "web 2.0", so
> perhaps the marketing materials may want to make the connection more
> evident.
> - Atul
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