[Edu-sig] Easy to read textbook, objects first

Michael H. Goldwasser goldwamh at slu.edu
Wed Aug 13 00:38:54 CEST 2008

Hello Earl,

  Definitely take a look at Object-Oriented Programming in Python
  written by myself and David Letscher.

  It is the only Python text that supports a truly object-oriented
  approach at an introductory level.  We wrote it for our CS1 course
  at SLU after failing to find an existing Python textbook that fit
  such a style.

  The pace of the book should be manageable at the high-school level
  (although, later chapters offer greater depth). I hope that the
  language and writing style will suit your students.

With regard,

On Tuesday August 12, 2008, Earl Strassberger wrote: 

>    I am looking for a Python textbook that teaches about objects in
>    the beginning AND is easy to read. I teach at a neighborhood
>    school in Chicago. English is the second or third language for
>    many of my students.
>    Last semester four students were studying Python mostly on their
>    own while I teaching the class programming concepts with Alice
>    (from Carnegie Mellon). The Python students used Michael Dawson's
>    Guide to Programming with Python. It worked well for them. The
>    reading level works, the games keep their interest, but it does
>    not get to objects until Chapter 8.

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